Cabbage Riceball and Taco Rice

I was gonna make this cute looking temari-zushi (手まり寿司), handy ball shaped sushi the other day.
手まり=Hand ball

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Temarizushi is often seen during the girls festival season. (Hinamatsuri ひな祭り)

This one is wrapped by not sashimi, but boiled/marinated cabbage leaves.

Temarizushi usually looks like this.

Such a simple technique but makes it look so gorgeous!

Here's what I made.....

OK, it's no longer temarizushi. These are way too HUGE! lol

I'd call them Cabbage rice balls,…おにぎりじゃん!笑

I accidentally used big leaves when I was supposed to use small ones.
Big leaves, more rice that could fit in, = big balls! lol

But trust me, the taste was awesome!…for veggie lovers I would say.
Because my hubby didn't even touch it. = a veggie hater.

Instead of regular sushi rice, I put simmered sea weed and shredded carrots, and toasted white sesame seeds.

Sorry, this one is already frozen. ;p
Don't waste rice! You can freeze the leftovers!

Last night's dinner
Yes, instead of tortilla, all the stuff is on the white rice.
Very popular meal in Okinawa, Japan!

There's so many stories behind it I guess, but originally, this meal was created by an Okinawan chef to serve Marines in Okinawa.
My guess was,  because they couldn't get tortilla in Okinawa, they used Japanese rice instead.
But seems like they just wanted to lower the cost to make this, due to the high price of yen at that time. (1984)

I put half-boiled egg and guacamole on top before I eat!
Very yummy :)

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