Is this hairstyle annoying you???

High buns, top knots, or we say, お団子ヘア odango hair (=dumpling hair)

Finally, almost 5 years after Japanese girls started to do this style, now I've started to see this hairstyle here in America.
But people are arguing wheather if it's good or bad.

I just got long hair enough to do this style, so I'm kind of enjoying the arrangements I can have with my own hair (even though it's so hard to manage my hair since mine is super straight and thick)

Well, so some people says it's kind of annoying to see high buns, or some says it looks like a sumo wrestler.lol

I think it really depends on the size of the buns, if it's too big, it kinda looks trashy. ( or better yet, looks like those Japanese "hostess" = kyabakura girls)

or if it's too small, yeah it may look like a sumo wrestler, hahahahaha!

What do you think?

I once heard that Japanese guys actually don't like it much, I wonder how the other guys are thinking about this style.
My hubby's opinion doesn't count because he's too scared to say "it looks bad" to me.lol

I kinda want your opinion since I don't wanna look too awkward walking in the mall having that high bun, looking like a typical asian girl doing too much work on her hair.lol

Well, seriously.

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  1. Hi May! I know some people in Japan don't like it but I love it. Looks good on almost anyone and you see it everyday here in Tokyo. Anyone from small kids to old ladies are doing it. (^-^)

  2. I love to see little girls with odango hair! Sooo adorable:) and old ladies, too! Yeah, you're right! It looks good on almost anybody!:)