KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

It's just it.

Last week, the temperature went around 30 degrees Celsius in my area.
Weird warm week.
Never feels like Christmas is coming in two weeks.
I see houses decorated with lights and stuff, but really, I never feel it.

I used to feel " Damn it, Christmas is coming soon! I gotta find a boyfriend!!!" during this time a year. lol
Funny story, but it's true.lol
The thing is, I used to feel more Christmassy when I was in Japan.

Sure I like getting together with family and have Christmas meal, opening presents, like the tradition here.
But I kinda feel I'm done with it after having it twice or three times.
I really miss the Japanese "eventful" Christmas, which is having fun with friends, or just spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Christmas in Japan is more like for couples, right?
And once you go outside, you see "Christmas" everywhere!
So even if you're single, you're forced to feel Christmas. lol I missed that, too.

This year, since my parents in law moved to somewhere far, me and my husband is going to have a small trip!
After being together for 4 years, this is gonna be our first time to spend Christmas by ourselves!
YES! Japanese Christmas style! lol

Well, the main topic of this article is not this. lol

Last weekend I went to KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas!!(Day1)
It was awesome to see all bands!!

The vocalist went around the upper seats area and sang with the audience!It was cool.

The Dirty Heads
They were awesome! I really liked the guitarist's voice!
Also Rome from Sublime got up on the stage and played with them, which was really cool to see:)

Bad Religion
They usually play old songs, so that audience can sing along all together, which I really like:)

Jimmy Eat World
I really like their new single!

Social Distortion
Very cool!! They attract olds and youngs!

The Smashing Pumpkins

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  1. May, I had no idea you were into punk! Bad Religion! Aaa... Natsukashii!

  2. Eeee!Natsukashii?You know them??
    Yes!I'm not a super core fan but I like punk!
    Are you from USA?
    It's so great that their old songs are still on the radio here and young kids get into them like older people:)

  3. Not from the US, but I do love all kinds of music, even old punk! (^-^)